Masjid Al Fattah


In this Masjidology, i will review Masjid Al Fattah in Jatinegara Street of Jakarta, you can google the location here. I spent some quality time (15 minutes, tehee) in this masjid in late Ashr time.

masjid al fattah

We love this Masjid, it is exactly in the Jatinegara street, parking was easy though the space were rather limited, but that is probably because we did not come in the peak hours. I wonder how they would serve visitors during Jumah prayer.


But, worries NOT, they have BASEMENT.

I literally squeak, there are not so many masjid in Indonesia that are equipped with some decent basement! That is not all of the surprise, they also have ELEVATOR. What a treat!

This mosque has 3 storey, woman section is on the 2nd floor. To reach the woman section you could use stairs as well as the elevator.

masjid al fattah jatinegara

Behold, just some plain old women’s section.

The obligatory man’s section photos coming.


TV check, speaker check, man wearing sarong check..


Now begin the most critical part of the review, cleanliness. I would give this masjid 3 star out of 5, simply because i am such a prick with my score, but hey, 4 out of 5 in my dictionary means superb.

Good Job, mosque cleaner staff! I will now virtually shake your hands respectfully.


yay, just some plain old women’s section.


this waiting room is in the woman’s restroom. Guess we can all sit while holding our pee.


Oh ow, but what is that under the bench? Please clean that, mosque cleaner staff.

The wudhu (ablution) areas is outdoor, so it is refreshing and windy when it is not raining. It is not big, though, so i imagine it will cramp a little during peak hours.


Since this mosque is well known in its area, it has already a sophisticated network and media reach. Check their website for sunnah seminars and events, they also have twitter @MasjidAlfattah for reminders.

Masjid should have extensive facilities to meet our spoiled demands, they should air conditioned, have some nice soft carpets, ludicrous water fountain for wudhu, garden with goose and deers; but remember, program is what matters. People wants seminars, place where they could learn and grow spiritually.

Overall, i give this mosque a 4 star out of five.




Apparently not just Katniss Everdeen who favours bow and beau, girls in my town are also fonds of new hobby, archery.


what can be more fashionista than wearing Chanel patterned hijab (faux) and holding a bow shooting for rumpled paper as a target

Yes archery is the trend in Muslim town.

Kids now have variety of sport activities, taekwondo, swimming, and archery. It was begin as one of the entertainment sport for rich kids activities, archery is now highly demanded by adults as well.

I support archery!

Now it is not easy to get me to recommend on something, but archery is something that we need. Indonesia need this. You need this. In a minute i will give you several reason why we should all go to forest (or buy it in Amazon), carved some bow and begin practicing shooting.