Me and This Site

I am a Muslim lifestyle enthusiast and observer. I am an Indonesian, i travel a lot to see Muslim in various countries. I am pretty much into Muslim consumerism, culture, mindset and habits. I study them, i poke them, i laugh with them and sometimes i laugh at them as well.

This site just pop up during my procrastinating period and what could be more productive than not doing my actual job because i am too busy blabbering about Muslim world in which Muslim people i blabber will mostly ignore this site and my posts. I am perseverance, though, in sharing my opinion to the world. Not just i will procrastinate more, but also because i think my writing is the honest, subjective, lone voice that you miss secretly. You miss my writing secretly, like those date you hide under your garments to eat secretly during your fasting. Like that water you sip and gulp during ablution, accidentally, again when you are fasting. Why yes, you don’t think i know.

I am not here to preach about Islamic rules and code of conduct (google it, lazy!), you have enough variety of imam and syaikh in youtube that you can listen to. I am just like you, there are days when i feel most spiritual i would cry on falling leaves and marching ants, there are days when i skipped reading Qur’an just because i want to blog. I am the Muslim’s average joe.

I recommend product, rituals, brands, hotels, anything worthy of my humble recommendation. You can expect honest things for me. I suggest things that i mostly used myself, if i don’t, it should come from trusted friends of mine and contributors of this blog. I will notify when it is a sponsored or given freely for me, but rest assured, i never put anything me or my contributors, haven’t tried.

A lot of things i share lovingly in this site is from Indonesia, since i currently resides in Depok, outskirt of the capital city, Jakarta. Next is Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam since those three countries are mostly where i travel and spend time. You will have my reviews on Qatar, Dubai, Japan, Netherlands, as well as my umrah travel. Don’t expect fancy things, i do things meticulously frugal. After all, statistically speaking, Muslim world is mostly developing countries. I don’t discriminate rich Muslim, they can have bits of my experience too.


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